Welcome to Multi-Verse, a podcast that offers a listening space for poems usually confined to the page.


Multi-Verse is hosted, written, and produced by Evangeline Riddiford Graham.


Join me once a month to hear poets discuss the poems they don’t usually read aloud. We’ll take time to listen closely to these poems and unwind the multitude of meanings contained in every verse.


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7. William Archila: Northern Triangle Dissected Multi-Verse Poetry Podcast

In Episode 7 of Multi-Verse, poet William Archila reads and discusses his poem “Northern Triangle Dissected” with host Evangeline Graham, in a conversation about the migration stories of unaccompanied minors, the legacy of the Central American Crisis, and using metaphor to convey psychology. “Northern Triangle Dissected” is part of William Archila's new manuscript All Things Dark & Invisible. An early version of the poem can also be found in Poetry Magazine: www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazi…le-dissected Listen to more poetry: www.multiversepoetry.org  
  1. 7. William Archila: Northern Triangle Dissected
  2. CM Burroughs: Dear Liver
  3. 5. Amanda Gunn: What You Meant
  4. 4. Gregory Kan: Under Glass
  5. 3. Mikko Harvey: Let the World Have You